About Us


Founded over 7 years ago, Janmat News Agency is today Uttar Pradesh leading Multimedia news agency. We have over 30 bureaus in Uttar Pradesh. Our principles  are gathering news with truth, credibility and best quality. We cover each and every relevant news with rapidly of all Districts of Uttar Pradesh. As leading multimedia news Agency of Uttar Pradesh manages by best professionals. We are accredited by Department of Information of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

Our range of products encompass loosely edited news feeds and script for television channels text, Photographs and content for websites, magazines and News Papers.

janmat news

We cover almost all areas of interest to viewers including news, entertainment and lifestyles, business, sports, human-interest features and social and developmental issues.

Presently era of digital technology Janmat News Agency is emerging as a complete contents provider text, Photographs and video for TV news channels. Always forefront of real time breaking news and high impact multimedia content we are constantly innovating our product and services to meet your business needs.


Presently Janmat News Network Pvt. Ltd. Have been worked into the following  services-

1.     News Agency

2.     Web News Portal.

3.     Web Audio Visual Portal.

4.     Weekly News Paper.

Our Social Media Presence :

YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/JanmatNews

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/JanmatNews/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/janmat_news

WhatsApp :  94153 12333